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post Steven in Eugene, OR - 23 Jul 2021
I Absolutely Love your letter openers! They stay sharp forever!
post K.M. Smith in USA - 14 Jan 2021
Presto Letter Opener zips through letter-opening. Presto blade is sharp, won't jam, but, unlike others, Presto design makes it impossible to cut yourself. It's sturdy and long-lasting. I've used the same one for years (see photo). Decided to buy more in case they quit making them, like so many other of my beloved products. You can't go wrong with Presto Letter Opener.
post Dianne in USA - 14 Jan 2021
My husband's old faithful letter opener finally broke. I bought him this five-pack and he said they work better than his old one. He LOVES these. And, they are not dangerous for adults. THESE ARE PERFECT. THEY ARE MADE CORRECTLY. This was a good purchase.
post Geb in USA - 8 Nov 2020
After using cheap, made in China letter openers for years, I finally found something that works. These Prestos are made in the USA and are incredibly sharp. I have to open a ton of envelopes and finally have found a product that will do the job. Buy these things. It's great that we can still make superior products here.
post Jim in US - 7 Nov 2020
I have had many of these over the years.

These are the best designed, do not jam and cut easily.

Yep, they cost more. Worth every penny.

I open 5-15 envelopes a day and I am on month two and it feels the same (cutting ability) as day one.


It is now nine months later and I am still using the same one I started with. These things are awesome.
post Debra in Pennsylvania - 31 Jul 2020
Thanks very much, Saul! My colleagues and I love your Presto letter openers. We use them at work for a large mail survey of older adults and the Presto openers work so much better than other brands.
post Ruth in New York - 12 Jul 2018
I gave a few away. My mom always has hers on her pocket. They open envelopes easily and without that annoying initial tug. My mom says it's the best letter opener she's ever had in her life.
post Jon in Washington - 30 Nov 2015
I have been using the same Presto Letter Opener for the past 7 years and 8 months. The letter opener has opened tens of thousands of envelopes. Your Presto is still as sharp as it was the first day I used it. Thank you for making such a long-lasting, reliable and excellent product. I truly appreciate it. Your company should be very proud of the quality of your product.
post Karen in Rochester, Minnesota - 30 Nov 2015
These are the very best! I'm going to give these to my family for Christmas! Thanks for such a good product.
post Tonja in Scottsburg, Indiana - 4 Aug 2015
The best letter openers on the market. Believe me, our office has tried them all!