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post Steve in Grey Eagle, Minnesota - 17 Jul 2013
Thanks for selling something that's made in the USA at a reasonable price.

post Jan in Ft. Wayne, Indiana - 9 May 2013
I am so excited that I found a place to order from. They are the best openers ever made. I used to be able to get them thru my supply store but they have been sending a different kind.

Have good day.
post Hans in Minnesota - 16 Dec 2012
I open anywhere from 5-75 envelopes a day & I've tried roughly a dozen kind of envelope openers over the last 15 years but Presto is by far the best. I'm not sure why the large office suppliers don't carry them anymore but I'm glad to have found them here. They have the sharpest blades & the gradual angle of the blade makes for easier opening.

post Geb in Bixby, Oklahoma - 11 Dec 2012
Wow! What a great letter opener. After using cheap, "Made in China" letter openers for years and after unsuccessfully searching office supply stores for a decent opener I finally found something that works. These Prestos are made in the USA and are incredibly sharp. I have to open a ton of envelopes and finally have found a product that will do the job. Buy these things. It's great that we can still make superior products here. Thanks!!

post Shirley L. in Houston, Texas - 15 Feb 2012
My sister had one of these letter openers many years ago. I looked everywhere and YAHOOO!! I finally found them. I bought 5 and gave them to my sister (except for one for myself) for her birthday. An inexpensive gift, but you would have thought I gave her a new car! I can't remember when that girl was so thrilled!!! Hope Presto never stops making these.

post Tricia in Indianapolis, Indiana - 2 Feb 2012
The ladies in our mail room DO NOT like any other type of openers!!!

Presto Letter Openers are by far more sturdy!!!

Thanks again!!!

post Robert in Pottstown, Pennsylvania - 3 Jan 2012
How can some little gizmo so basic be rated as GREAT? You have to try one of these to really know. I've had razor letter openers before, but not like this one. It glides through an envelope like a knife through warm butter. Never gets hung up. There simply cannot be a better letter opener on the face of the Earth.
post Susan in West Palm Beach, Florida - 19 Dec 2011
Thanks. I'm so glad I found you and that you still make the product in the USA.
post Mitchell in Salt Lake City, Utah - 25 Nov 2011
It's the best office supply value, per dollar, that I can remember.
post Judy in Ft Meyers, Florida - 25 Nov 2011
We just received our letter openers and you have made my day. The letter opener works like a dream. I have added a stick-on magnet to the back so I can stick it to the side of my cabinet drawer which is metal.